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Groovy Cocktails

A sensory delight of Stolen Smoked Spiced Rum, a touch of chocolate lashings with Joseph Catron Cacao, Kaluah and Little Dripper organic Espresso. An alluring pick-me-up!

Italian Malfy citrus Gin lengthened beautifully with Groovy's home made lemonade, Australian AmbraLimoncello and fresh citrus slices! A zesty delight if you're in the mood for something refreshing.

The name says it all, we shake 666 Pure Tasmanian vodka with joseph Cartron Lychee liquor over freshly squeezed apple juice and drop in our berry coulis! Not for sharing!

A classic on quality- MatusalemSolares 7yr rum over muddled limes, fragrant mint and sugar, lengthened with sparkling soda, perfection.

So fresh, so nice, so much spice! Join the following on Cargo Cult small batch island spiced rum with freshly juiced granny smith apples! A lime on the rim if you want to add some zesty-ness! A sweet jungle treat served in a short glass that goes down almost too easy!

Scrumptious home-made peach iced tea with a spike of 666 Pure Tasmanian vodka, Joseph CartronPeche liquor and fresh lemon slices. Lengthened with home-made lemonade, you'll be peachy keen!

Welcome to cafe groovy the place of groovy desserts and awesome savoury. while we know that you have many dining choices, we wholly commits ourselves to exceed your exepectations in all areas of your dining experience. cafe groovy is dedicated to crafting food with quality and love.

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